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Task Force

Final Report
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Aug 14-15,'02
Jul 17-18,'02
May 23, 2002
Apr 18, 2002
Mar 25, 2002
Mar 4, 2002
Feb 6, 2002

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Control Policy Task Force

Office of the Governor  -   Attorney General's Office

August 14 - 15, 2002
Bozeman, MT

Meeting Summary

TASK FORCE MEMBERS PRESENT:  Jerry Archer, Mike Batista, Mary Fay, Duane Grimes, Mary Haydal, Joey Jayne, Cathy Kendall, Marko Lucich, Roland Mena, Robin Morris, Steve Morris, Bill Muhs, Karen Olson-Beenken, Rick Robinson, Bill Snell.  Facilitated by Sandy Mack

AGENDA TOPICS (as amended at meeting)

Thursday:  8:00 am - 6:15 pm

  • Start-up
  • Discuss & Decide Strategy Recommendations for Desired Outcomes
  • Review & Update Tasks & Time Line
  • Public Comment

Friday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Discuss & Decide Strategy Recommendations for Desired Outcomes
  • Closure


Duane Grimes opened the meeting and offered opening prayers.


The Meeting Summary from July 18th and 19th will be posted on the Task Force Web Site.


Task Force Members continued discussing the Desired Outcomes and Strategy Recommendations based on the 8/12/02 draft of the Working Document.  The changes made to the Working Document are reflected in the final DRAFT that will be emailed to Task Force Members by the end of the day on Tuesday, August 20, 2002.  The Members decided to call the document a "Comprehensive Blueprint for the Future" and to declare the work a "Living Document".


September 10th - Task Force Members will meet with Robert Stutman at the Cooper King in Butte at 2:00.  Attendance is not mandatory and travel costs will be reimbursed for those who wish.  This is an excellent opportunity for the Task Force to meet and discuss their work with someone known internationally for his work in this area.  It will be good to have as many Task Force Members attend as possible.

At 4:00 there will be a tour of the WATCH program and Galen Juvenile Detention Facility.

September 25, 10:00 am -- Task Force Members will brief the Governor and Attorney General and there will be a press conference. {Note: the briefing location was set after the meeting -- the Governor's Reception Room.}. Attendance is not mandatory and travel costs will be reimbursed for those who wish.   Those who said they would attend include (but it is not limited to) Rick R., Bill M., Mary H., Bill S., Steve M., Duane G.  It will be good to have as many Task Force Members attend as possible.


Responsible Party

Due Date

Research the origin of the 8 elements necessary for an effective school ATOD program that was referenced in the State of Montana Impaired Driving Assessment and email the reference and what the 8 elements are to Sandy


Aug. 20

Get any additional acknowledgements or edits of the acknowledgments to Sandy

All Task Force Members.

Aug. 20

Email a final draft of the "Living Document" to Task Force Members for review.


Aug. 20

Review final document.  Get corrections and edits back to Sandy by Monday, August 26th by 5:00 pm.  If there is a material change, go to your Work Group Chair.  The Work Group Chair will consult as necessary with other Task Force Members and get the information/change to Sandy by August 26.

All Task Force Members.

Aug. 26

Incorporate Final Edits.  Have Document Printed


Sept. 13

Check to see if website can remain active with the Final "Living Document" and any briefing material until April 30th, 2003.  See if it can be archived with a link after that date.


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