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Task Force

Final Report
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Aug 14-15,'02
Jul 17-18,'02
May 23, 2002
Apr 18, 2002
Mar 25, 2002
Mar 4, 2002
Feb 6, 2002

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Control Policy Task Force

Office of the Governor  -   Attorney General's Office

March 25, 2002


Jerry Archer, Mary Fay, Duane Grimes, Mary Haydal, Joey Jayne, Cathy Kendall, Marko Lucich, Roland Mena, Robin Morris, Steve Morris, Bill Muhs, Rick Robinson, Peg Shea, John Strandell.  Facilitated by Sandy Mack

AGENDA TOPICS (As amended)

  • Start-up:
    • Welcome & Opening Prayer
    • Introductions
    • Meeting Summary Approval
  • Current Situation Statement - Updates & Discussion
  • Working Summit - Agree on Objectives and Agenda
  • Desired Outcomes - Next Steps
  • Open Public Comment


Participants approved the March 4, 2002 meeting summary.  It will be posted on the Task Force Web Site.


Each Work Group (Prevention, Judicial and Treatment) updated the Task Force on the Current Situation Statements.   The Task Force discussed and made changes and additions to the draft statements.

Sandy will begin to put the current situation statements from the 3 Work Groups into a report format.   


Task Force members discussed the objectives, structure and length of time allocated for the Working Summit in Great Falls on April 18th.  The Task Force agreed to the following.

The Objective of the Working Summit is to learn from the public and experts in the field. The time for the Working Summit will remain from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. The format for the meeting will be open comment (focused around the three areas of Prevention, Treatment and Judicial). We will assume that most individuals will not be familiar with the Task Force's charge and will not know what has been done to date. For this reason a brief overview will be provided at the beginning of the Working Summit and materials made available before the meeting for interested participants to review and comment on.

A "Hand-Out" of the Draft Current Situation Statements will be available on the Web Site and for public review and comment on Friday, April 12, and will be available at the April 18th meeting.

In order to prepare the Draft Current Situation Statement Hand-Out, Sandy will compile, clean and format the Work Group's efforts and email it to the Task Force for review by Friday April 5th. Comments and changes from the Task Force will be sent to Sandy by Wednesday April 10th. The revised Draft Current Situation Statement will be posted on the Web Site and mailed to invitees to the Working Summit.

Working Summit participants will be asked to bring a summary of their testimony or comments to the meeting or send them to: or,

Drug Control Policy Task Force
c/o aQuest
671 Fieldstone Drive
Corvallis, MT   59828


Task Force Members will review the Desired Outcomes drafted by each of the Work Groups and get their comments, suggestions and ideas back to Sandy by Monday April 8th

The Treatment Work Group will email their Draft Desired Outcomes to the Task Force by April 26th


The Task Force was fortunate to have a number of people from the Kalispell area share their stories, concerns, ideas and suggestions with Task Force Members. Task Force Members also asked questions of the public. This information will be very helpful in developing Drug Control Strategy recommendations. These individuals were invited to summarize their comments in writing and to send them to the Task Force Members c/o AQuest (address above).

Members of the public included: Ed Corrigan, Flathead Co. Attorney's Office; Louie Moore, Probation & Parole; Michael Cummins, Flathead Valley Chemical Dependency Clinic; Christine Kroemer, Parent; Walter Kroemer, Parent; John Brakefield, Parent; Ronald B. Clem; Karyl K. Clem; Lori Eisinger; Sharon Hmmerquist; Diana Johnson; Katharine Thompson, Flathead CARE and SDFS, Kiu Clausea; John T. Polotto; Jami Ekern; Craig Christopherson.



Responsible Party

Due Date

Send Draft Desired Outcomes to Sandy for distribution to the Task Force

Treatment Work Group (Cathy Kendall)

March 26

(note on 3-26 Cathy said she would send the Treatment Work Group's Desired Outcomes out on April 8th)

Compile, clean and format the Work Group's Current Situation Statements and email to Task Force


April 5

Review the Desired Outcomes drafted by each of the Work Groups and get comments, suggestions and ideas back to Sandy by Monday April 8th

All Task Force Members

April 8

E-mail Comments changes to the Current Situation Statement to Sandy

All Task Force Members

April 10

Revise Current Situation Statement and Post on Web Site and mail to Working Summit invitees.


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