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Scenic Photo in Montana
Scenic Photo in Montana

Cracking Down on Methamphetamine

A Problem Solving Summit Hosted by Governor Judy Martz

June 1 Ė 3, 2004
Mansfield Health Education Center
Billings, Montana

Governor Martz hosted a Methamphetamine Summit on June 1 Ė 3, 2004, at the Mansfield Health Education Center in Billings. The Summit agenda explored policy options and strategies to reduce the production, distribution, and use of methamphetamine in Montana.

Governor Martz reconvened the Montana Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Control Policy Task Force for the Summit in recognition of their work to address this issue in a comprehensive manner. The National Crime Prevention Council facilitated the Summit building upon the Task Force recommendations made in 2002 and utilized the same integrated approach that reaches across prevention, enforcement, intervention, and treatment to create a comprehensive strategy.

Those attending the Governorís Methamphetamine Summit participated in an informed discussion on the myriad of issues related to the production, sale and use of methamphetamine. Areas of focus included:

Meth Summit Information

Meth Summit Presentations

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