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Executive Order 17-00

Executive Order Proclaiming An Emergency To Exist In Fire Zone Three As A Result Of Wildland Fires Affecting Glacier, Toole, Pondera, Teton, Lewis & Clark, Cascade, Judith Basin, Meagher, Broadwater, Jefferson, Gallatin And Park Counties

    WHEREAS, extremely dry conditions and high winds have combined to create hazardous fire conditions in identified areas of the state; and

    WHEREAS, wildland fires are currently burning and have created an imminent threat of a disaster which timely actions can avert or minimize; and

    WHEREAS, these conditions authorize the Governor to mobilize state resources and the Montana National Guard to protect life, health and property and authorize the Governor under section 10-3-311 and 10-3-312, MCA, to expend funds from the general fund to meet contingencies and needs arising from the emergency; and

    WHEREAS, a proclamation of an emergency authorizes the Governor, under section 10-3-104(2)(a), MCA, to suspend section 2-18-501, MCA, to allow reasonable expenditures for food and lodging for activated National Guard and state agency personnel responding to an emergency.

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, MARC RACICOT, Governor of the State of Montana, pursuant to the authority vested in me as Governor under the Constitution of the State of Montana, Title 10, Chapter 3, MCA, and under other applicable statutes, do hereby declare that a state of emergency exists in Fire Zone Three in the State of Montana.

    This order is effective July 23, 2000.

  GIVEN under my hand and the GREAT
SEAL of the State of Montana,
this ___ day of __________, 2000.



MIKE COONEY, Secretary of State

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