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Executive Order 22-03

State of Montana
Office of the Governor

Executive Order Creating the Governor's Council on Worklife Wellness

WHEREAS, the Governor=s Strong Families, Healthy Families initiative is designed to promote better personal health and fitness for all Montanans; and

WHEREAS, health care costs associated with chronic diseases continue to rise significantly, thus placing an increased burden on insurance providers and employers; and

WHEREAS, employee health and wellness programs have shown to be effective in not only reducing medical costs, but also increasing productivity and job performance, decreasing disability days, lowering absenteeism and turnover and boosting morale; and

WHEREAS, a statewide assessment of larger Montana employers indicates that while many employers offer programs, policies, environments, and benefits to support healthier lifestyles, the opportunity still exists to increase the number of employers in Montana who provide these supports to employees and their families; and

WHEREAS, workplace injury prevention and safety programs have shown to be effective in containing medical costs incurred by insurers and employers; and

WHEREAS, the work setting is an efficient and cost-effective outlet for health promotion delivery.

NOW, THEREFORE, I JUDY MARTZ, Governor of the State of Montana, by virtue of the authority vested in me pursuant to the Montana Constitution and the laws of the State of Montana, do hereby create the Governor=s Council on Worklife Wellness, in accordance with the provisions of Section 2-15-122 and 2-15-102(8), MCA, for the purposes set forth below.


The purpose of the Council shall be to assist and advise the Governor and the Department of Public Health and Human Services (the ADPHHS@) on worklife wellness issues in Montana. Further, the Council shall work collaboratively with the Cardiovascular Health Program at DPHHS. Specifically, the Council shall advise the Governor and the DPHHS on issues including, but not limited to:

1. Development of strategies to engage Montana employers in the promotion of healthy behaviors through worksite policies and program policies; and

2. Creation of an effective communication plan to raise awareness of employers on the benefits derived from the implementation of policies and programs to promote healthy behaviors. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, nutrition, physical activity, and smoking.


The council shall be comprised of not more than 20 members who shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The names and addresses of the members are to be submitted to the Secretary of State.


The DPHHS is designated as the organizational unit responsible for the administration and management of the Council.


This Executive Order is effective immediately and shall remain in effect for two years from the effective date unless extended or terminated by subsequent Executive Order. This order is effective immediately.




GIVEN under my hand and the GREAT
SEAL of the State of Montana,
this ___ day of __________, 2003.

JUDY MARTZ, Governor


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