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Executive Order


WHEREAS, the upper Yellowstone River and its tributaries, herein defined as that reach of the river (including tributaries) beginning at the Yellowstone Park boundary and extending downstream to the bridge crossing the river at Springdale, is a national treasure; and

WHEREAS, the recreational opportunities provided by the river provide significant contributions to Montana's economy; and

WHEREAS, the river is essential to Montanans who live along it, providing water for agricultural, domestic and commercial purposes; and

WHEREAS, the extreme floods of 1996 and 1997 created hardships for communities and Montana citizens who live adjacent to the river, causing damage to property and stream banks, as well as some nationally-renowned spring creeks in Paradise Valley; and

WHEREAS, previous decades of work done along the river for purposes of flood control, construction of transportation corridors and other purposes have altered the natural flood plain of the river, with the potential to exacerbate damage to private and public property and fish habitat; and

WHEREAS, there is a need for a more comprehensive planning effort involving citizens, communities, and government agencies that have an interest in the upper Yellowstone River to ensure that future projects that affect the river are planned and conducted in a manner that will preserve the integrity, beauty, values, and function of the upper Yellowstone River for Montanans now and in the future.

NOW THEREFORE, I, JUDY MARTZ, Governor of the State of Montana, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby continue the Upper Yellowstone River Task Force.


A. The Upper Yellowstone River Task Force shall:

1. Provide a forum for the discussion of issues that effect the Upper Yellowstone River basin, particularly, to bring together landowners, sportsmen and sportswomen, and community leaders to develop a shared understanding of the issues and competing values and uses that impact the Upper Yellowstone River;

2. meet on a regular basis, the frequency to be determined by Task Force members, for the purpose of encouraging a comprehensive approach to action taken along the Yellowstone River to ensure that its integrity remains intact while balancing the needs of communities and landowners to protect property;

3. seek or encourage others to seek grants, funds or other cooperative arrangements to implement recommendations of the Task Force; and

4. prepare an annual report to the Governor on the progress of the task force.


The Upper Yellowstone River Task Force shall be composed of no more than 12 voting members including representatives of the following: local businesses, property owners, farmers and ranchers who live along the river, the angling community, a conservation group or groups, Park County, the City of Livingston and the local Conservation District. Representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers, Departments of Natural Resources and Conservation, Environmental Quality, Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and Transportation shall serve as ex-officio members.


This Task Force shall remain in existence for two years from the date of effect unless extended or terminated by subsequent Executive Order.

This Order is effective immediately.


GIVEN under my hand and the GREAT
SEAL of the State of Montana,
this ___ day of __________, 2001.

JUDY MARTZ, Governor


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