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Executive Order 15-03

State of Montana
Office of the Governor

Executive Order Creating the Governor's Energy Consumer Protection Task Force

WHEREAS, energy is an indispensable commodity and of vital importance to all citizens of the State of Montana; and

WHEREAS, the citizens of State of Montana have a significant interest in rising energy prices of critical energy sources; and

WHEREAS, a stable, reliable, affordable supply of energy is indispensable to the maintenance of Montana's economy; and

WHEREAS, an energy shortage could immediately jeopardize and imperil our State; and

WHEREAS, in order to assure the continued stability, reliability and affordability of energy supplies and the continued protection of the consumers of energy, a high level task force will be established to develop recommendations for the protection of consumers. 

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JUDY MARTZ, Governor of the State of Montana, by virtue of the authority vested in me pursuant to the Montana Constitution and the laws of the State of Montana, do hereby create the Governor's Energy Consumer Protection Task Force (the "Task Force"), in accordance with the provisions of Section 2-15-122 and 2-15-102(8), MCA, for the purposes set forth below.  Further, I do hereby direct that the Task Force submit its findings and recommendations to the Governor's Office, by November 20, 2003, March 20, 2004 and July 20, 2004.


The Task Force shall provide recommendations to the Governor on the following consumer protection issues including, but not limited to:

The development of proposals to mitigate power bill increases for Montanans', especially low-income consumers, who use gas to heat their homes or their water;

The evaluation of current Montana laws and rules to determine whether they are sufficient to protect and support Montana consumers' interests in the event NorthWestern Energy's financial condition deteriorates further; and

The examination of how electricity default supply customers can receive the most reliable, affordable and stable electricity prices over the long term.


The Task Force shall consist of not more than ten (10) members appointed by the Governor.  The names and addresses of members, who shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor, are to be submitted by separate letter to the Secretary of State.  The chair of the Task Force will be appointed by the Governor from among its members and shall be designated under separate letter.  III. DURATION:

The Task Force shall exist for a period of twelve (12) months from the effective date of this Executive Order, unless extended by subsequent Executive Order.  This Executive Order shall be effective immediately.  


GIVEN under my hand and the GREAT
SEAL of the State of Montana,
this ___ day of __________, 2003.

JUDY MARTZ, Governor


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