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Executive Order 15-02

State of Montana
Office of the Governor

15-02 - Executive Order Implementing A Hiring Freeze In Executive Branch Agencies

WHEREAS, the overall fiscal situation of state government requires immediate and far reaching cost containment measures to immediately address the general fund shortfall in revenue; and

WHEREAS, immediate cost containment will assist in reducing state expenditures and improving the condition of the general fund and other revenue funds; and

WHEREAS, current organizational changes and efficiencies require curtailing expenses that are not essential for the services of Montana state government; and

WHEREAS, the savings from wages and some overhead costs through the implementation of a hiring freeze will assist with the current budget emergency; and

WHEREAS, waiting to address the funding imbalance until the 2003 legislature is not responsible.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JUDY MARTZ, Governor of the State of Montana, pursuant to the authority vested in me as Governor under the Constitution and laws of the State of Montana, do hereby order, effective immediately, all executive branch agencies of state government to implement a hiring freeze.


The primary purpose of this Executive Order is to immediately address the general fund shortfall in revenue.


Effective immediately, an executive branch agency of state government reporting to the Governor as defined in 2-15-103 and 104, MCA, may not hire any employee, except as set forth below.


  1. An executive branch agency may request to hire an employee if the agency director approves a request in writing, specifically stating how the employee will protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the state or avoid significant disruptions to critical state services.
  2. The governor's office of budget and program planning will review and may approve, modify or deny the request.
  3. The governor's office of budget and program planning, in conjunction with the state personnel division of the department of administration, shall, within 30 days of passage and approval of House Bill No. 12 refine and publish criteria that will be used by the executive branch elected officials and that may be used by other approving authorities, as defined in 17-7-102, MCA, to determine which vacant positions may be filled under terms of the state government hiring freeze provided for in the bill.
  4. The governor's office of budget and program planning will input all approvals in the statewide accounting, budgeting and human services system.


This Order is effective immediately and shall remain in effect until the end of fiscal year 2003 or until otherwise ordered by the Governor.


GIVEN under my hand and the GREAT
SEAL of the State of Montana,
this ___ day of July, 2002.

JUDY MARTZ, Governor


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