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Executive Order 02-02

State of Montana
Office of the Governor

02-02 - Executive Order Creating The Montana Economic Advisory Council (MEAC)

WHEREAS, the State of Montana is in need of economic growth to improve the standard of living for Montanans, to enhance our business climate, and to provide more and better jobs; and

WHEREAS, I have made improving Montana’s economy one of my top priorities; and

WHEREAS, I have secured and signed legislation bringing all of the business recruitment, retention and expansion functions of the State of Montanan into the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity; and

WHEREAS, I have also signed an Executive Order recognizing and urging the continuance of the Montana Economic Development Action Group (EDAG) to provide broad-based, high level input and direction concerning the improvement of Montana’s economy; and

WHEREAS, I now require a smaller entity to provide my Office of Economic Opportunity with advice and counsel concerning policy and strategic direction for matters related to the improvement of Montana’s economy.

THEREFORE, I, JUDY MARTZ, Governor of the State of Montana, by virtue of the authority vested in me in accordance with Section 2-15-122, MCA, do hereby create the Montana Economic Advisory Council.


The purpose of the Montana Economic Advisory Council is to provide policy level direction for matters related to the development of Montana’s economy. To that end, it shall:

A. Provide guidance in the development of a statewide economic development strategy; and
B. Provide council on the implementation of specific Action Plans and legislative agendas.


The group shall consist of no more than 7 members, including at least one current member of EDAG, to be appointed by the Governor. The names and addresses of the appointees will be submitted by separate letter to the Secretary of State and to the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity.


This Group shall exist for a period of two years from the effective date of this Order unless otherwise ordered by subsequent Executive Order. This order is effective immediately.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of Montana, this 14th day of February, 2002.


GIVEN under my hand and the GREAT
SEAL of the State of Montana,
this ___ day of __________, 2002.

JUDY MARTZ, Governor


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