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Workforce Board

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Governor's Workforce Investment Board

Workforce System Committee

Committee Charge:

To oversee and coordinate the implementation of the Governor's and the board's strategic workforce development plans through the actions and operational directives of the state's executive agencies. In addition, to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing workforce development programs, and to bring policy issues and recommendations to the Governor and the board.


  • Assess the responsiveness of the workforce development system, and the programs under the control of the individual state departments, in meeting the identified employer needs
  • Publicize the workforce development resources available for training and job placement to Montana's employers and workers
  • Make policy recommendations to the Governor and the board to improve responsiveness of the system in meeting the needs of employers and individuals in Montana
  • Improve and expand the number of Job Link Centers through stronger partnerships and improved service integration
  • Strengthen connections among the state's departments in meeting workforce development needs, including better coordination among K-12, post-secondary education, and workforce development services
  • Continually review compliance requirements of state board per federal and state law navigation footer
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